5 profiles can be run on the basis of 1 account on Facebook, the social media giant's idea of bringing a new feature

For more than a decade and a half, the whole world has been surrounded by the magic of social media Facebook (Facebook), anyone will admit that in one sentence! While many tech companies have lost popularity over time, this social media platform is booming day by day; And, new features are being added almost daily. 

In that case, even though users have been enjoying the facility of multiple logins, i.e., logging in to Facebook on any device (app or website) at any time, Meta Inc., the parent company of the social networking platform, is thinking of bringing a new facility to attract them more. (Meta Inc.). Yesterday i.e., Thursday, the company said that it may bring the feature of creating multiple profiles under one account for Facebook users. In this case, a total of five profiles can be created and used on an account basis, each profile being linked to the original account.

Why will Facebook suddenly bring the feature of creating multiple profiles?

Hearing the company's statement, it seems that the idea of bringing this new feature to increase users' connection with Facebook (in other words, to increase the use of Facebook) is going on. However, Meta said the feature will allow users to create separate profiles based on their interests and relationships. As a result, a user will be able to create profiles for family or acquaintances using their own account, which they can control.

According to Meta's statement, each user will have only one Facebook account or main profile where they must use their real name. Only after login to the main account they will be able to access the remaining five linked profiles. Users can also use real names in different profiles. But original name must be used in original account. Besides, users can post as they wish on the rest of the profiles including the main account. However, each profile must follow all Facebook Terms and Conditions, otherwise the account will be suspended for violating the rules.

Perhaps to compete with TikTok, Twitter and Meta's own photo-video sharing app Instagram, Facebook is allowing users to create multiple profiles with the benefit of anonymity when using social media. But after the arrival of this feature, it will be taken advantage of or it will increase the harassment among users, it cannot be predicted now!

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