Amazon takes action against 10,000 Facebook groups Trying to mislead buyers with fake reviews

Amazon, the world's largest e-commerce business, is going to take strict legal action against nearly 10,000 Facebook group administrators (Admin) for providing false opinions in exchange for money and various attractive products. 

This was made public by the organization through an official announcement on Tuesday. Amazon said that for a long time, some unscrupulous people have been posting false reviews on its platform for cash or free products. They have recently identified countless such fake opinion writers, against whom legal action is currently underway.

It has come to light that Amazon stores located in countries like USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan etc. are being targeted for providing false opinions or reviews. According to Amazon, their staff has successfully removed at least 1 million fake reviewers from the platform so far. Those reviews are quickly deleted before buyers see them. Amazon claims that it is only a matter of time before such dishonest people on social media are punished by taking legal action.

But what exactly is the purpose of trying to provide this false opinion? Although it is not possible to say anything in detail in this regard, according to Amazon, this act is nothing but a conspiracy to mislead people and spoil the company's image.

But the question remains. It is still not clear why so many people on social media are trying to malign Amazon. However, an official of the company said, starting from car stereos (car stereos) to camera tripods, many criminals have given fake reviews because of the lure of Agent’s free products.

It is to be noted that recent investigators have identified a Facebook group called 'Amazon Product Reviews' from where fraudsters have been trying to tarnish the image of the said company. At the time of identification, the number of members of the group was 43 thousand! After the allegations came to light, action was taken against the group by Meta.

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