Due to social media, the suicide of a teenager! Snapchat, Instagram owner Meta

We often hear about strange events or problems with social media! But this time, a woman blamed social media Meta as the reason for her daughter's suicide. According to a BBC report, 11-year-old Selena Rodriguez, a resident of Enfield, committed suicide last year. 

In that case, her mother sued Instagram's parent company Meta and Snap Inc, alleging that addiction to the social media platform drove Selena to commit suicide. Simply put, the case was filed over the growing negative impact of social media on children.

According to a statement from the Social Media Victims Law Center (SMVLC), Selena's mother Tammy filed a lawsuit in California, saying the girl suffered from an 'extreme' addiction to Instagram and Snapchat. Even confiscating the girl's handheld devices or getting mental health treatment for her addiction, to no avail! Then Selena committed suicide last year on July 21 due to insomnia and depression during the Covid pandemic.

According to reports, he mainly proceeds on this path by sharing sexually exploitative material. In this case, Selena's offensive photos shared on social media were leaked by her classmates which caused her mental condition to deteriorate. The lawsuit, filed Friday in a federal courtroom in California, alleges that both social media giants "knowingly and intentionally" designed and marketed products that were harmful to their underage users.

In a statement to the BBC, a Snap spokesperson said the company was "devastated" to hear of Selena's death. However, they did not comment specifically on the case. Meanwhile, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has not opened its mouth on this matter.

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