Electric Bus: Idea of buying e-bus at a cost of Rs 80000 crore to prevent pollution

Modi government is very active to arrest Rangana, the eye of India's environmental pollution. A tool has been taken up to increase the use of electric vehicles. While the citizens of the country have been given a message to buy more eco-friendly vehicles, this time the Center is going to take the responsibility of controlling pollution into its own hands. 

They are planning to buy electric buses in the country by spending 10 billion dollars or about 80,000 crore rupees. In fact, black smoke is mixed in the air from traffic-pollution. So, the government is thinking of taking steps to reduce that harmful effect by running buses on batteries instead of fossil fuels.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced a target of becoming a zero-carbon country by 2070. Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), the arm of the Centre's Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), will soon invite tenders for the purchase of electric buses. CESL aims to manufacture these electric buses in the country. Again, attention will be paid to the development of electric vehicle infrastructure to run them.

In this context, the managing director of the central organization Mahua Acharya said, “This country is moving fast towards the ambition of changing cars. So, raising funds to pursue this opportunity has become a major challenge.” According to Acharya, within the next five to seven years, the government will run only electric buses in the country. However, he also mentioned the development of electric vehicle infrastructure and grid capacity.

Besides, the necessity of reorganizing electric vehicle depots also emerged in his speech. The government has its own electric buses for public transport in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore in India. Also, several state governments have already passed electric vehicle (EV) policies, which mention the use of only electric vehicles in public transport in the coming days. It may be noted that earlier this year, CESL awarded a contract for the supply of 5,450 electric buses to a private company on behalf of five state governments. 

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