Mercedes has the last laugh in the battle between the two Germans, beating BMW to the title of the country's number one luxury car maker

Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz). This German company is in the first row in the world of luxury cars. Technology, design, safety – their cars leave the rest behind in all aspects. Mercedes entered India in 1994 with the W 124E Class. 

The German company has been unique in the luxury car market ever since it entered the country. They maintained that catch in the first half of this year (January-June). Mercedes-Benz is again number one in terms of luxury car sales in the first six months.

The German company has sold 7573 cars during that period. Their sales at this time of 2022 have increased by 56 percent compared to the first half of last year. BMW, another prominent German luxury car maker, sold 5570 units of luxury cars in the last two quarters. Although it broke all their previous records, it was the Mercedes that left them behind in the battle between the two Germans.

Martin Schenk, Managing Director and CEO of the company's Indian arm, said, “The main reason for our highest sales in the first half of the year is the right customer sentiment and the launch and proper marketing of many new segment models. Our performance will play a more important role in the future by overcoming challenges related to supply issues, tough challenges in the local market and the global market.”

Incidentally, in the last three quarters, Mercedes-Benz has brought the entry-level models A-Class and GLA to the Indian market along with auto parts made in the country such as the S-Class, E-Class facelift and C-Class. The company's E-Class and GLC SUVs have long been bestsellers. Additionally, sales of entry-level models have also increased significantly. Moreover, the demand for GLE SUV and AMG models has also increased considerably.

They are sitting on more than 6 thousand orders. Currently Mercedes waiting period in India is around 1 to 11 months due to some supply issues compared to such huge demand. Cars in the sedan segment include the A-Class Limousine (2-3 months), E-Class (2-3 months), C-Class (2-3 months), S-Class (3 months) and the S 580 (4-5 months).). And SUVs include GLA (4-5 months), GLC (1-2 months), GLE (4 months) and GLS (10-11 months).

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