Netflix joins hands with Microsoft, ad-supported subscriptions coming soon?

It has been heard for several days that the popular OTT platform Netflix will come up with a cheaper subscription plan than before. It is also confirmed that they will display ads with the streaming service.

 In that case, Netflix has teamed up with Microsoft to implement its long-awaited plan to launch ad-supported plans. Simply put, Microsoft will be Netflix's global advertising technology and sales partner.

Netflix's current plan portfolio

Netflix currently offers four subscription plans, including Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium options. All these plans differ from each other in terms of device support and video quality. Of this, recharging the 'mobile' plan will cost Tk 149 for a month. On the other hand, the 'Basic' plan will cost 199 rupees. Speaking of the standard plan, you have to spend Rs 499 per month for this while the fourth plan i.e., ‘premium’ option will cost Rs 749. In that case, in addition to these four existing plans, the company will soon launch a fifth plan, which will be the cheapest.

It was earlier expected that Netflix will launch a new subscription plan by the end of this year. But now the recent wind seems like the company is in a hurry on this matter. According to some current reports, they may launch this plan earlier than expected. In the US it will cost 10 dollars.

Why is Netflix bringing cheap plans?

Earlier this year, Netflix said it would introduce cheaper ad-supported plans to reach more people. In that case, the same objective of the company is working behind bringing the plan now, but its audience is different. In fact, Netflix's user base is dwindling, so the company is taking this step to attract customers. It is also said that they have already started inviting companies for advertisements.

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