North Korean hackers have looted around Rs 4,500 crore and stolen the world's largest cryptocurrency!

Cryptocurrency theft has been reported in many parts of the world lately. However, according to a recent report, this time the whole world witnessed the biggest hacking incident in the crypto world. Cryptocurrency tracking site Ethers can reports that North Korean hackers stole 800 million 

(about Rs 4,500 crore) from a blockchain technology-based video game called "Axe Infinity" last month! Gamers used to earn cryptocurrencies by playing games on this platform as well as exchanging their avatars. But the hackers have taken that crypto.

The surprises don't end there, however, with a report from The Washington Post revealing some more sensational information. It states that hackers are not only able to steal, but are still able to use the stolen cryptocurrency. The Treasury Department tried to seize all the money earned by the hackers in this crypto attack, but it did not happen in the end. It is learned that hackers have already transacted Ethereum worth ৪ 4.5 million. The Treasury Department has identified the group that caused the incident as the Lazarus Group.

Earlier, the North Korean group hacked Sony Pictures in 2014 for the first time. According to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, this group of cybercriminals has so far smuggled 100 million in stolen cryptocurrencies. The good news, however, is that while the hacking group has not been fully traced, some important information about the ring has already reached the Treasury Department, which has been able to freeze ৫ 5.6 million in cryptocurrencies transferred to hackers. This information has been made public in a report of the International Crypto Exchange Finance. Needless to say, U.S. officials are working hard to catch the hacking group.

As the days go by, there is no need to say anything new about the increasing number of hacking incidents around the world. However, there is no denying that the recent incident is the greatest example of all the fancy and cunning activities of hackers! The biggest thing is that North Korean hackers have made it clear in this case how to fully understand the vulnerability of the crypto economy and how to exploit it. They've made good use of all the flaws available on crypto platforms, and have been able to steal this huge amount of money without anyone noticing. As a result, hackers deserve a lot of praise for making such an impossibility possible, but it is expected that in the coming days, technologists and researchers will come up with more sophisticated technology to prevent such incidents from happening for a long time. In that case, when all the trouble is over and we see a hacking-free world, the answer is probably only a matter of time.

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