ola, the most stylish electric car, promises to launch, build well before the scooter, the sarcasm

Ola Electric's electric car will debut as India's most 'sporty and stylish car'. Ola CEO Bhavesh Aggarwal claimed that. Even in his words, it will be so advanced in terms of features, which is the first time in the history of this country. 

Bhavesh claimed this by posting a video on Twitter. However, it is certain that the company is going to launch an electric vehicle soon after the e-scooter in the country.

Bhavesh wrote on Twitter, “We are going to build the sportiest car ever made in India!” The video shows lines of light along the outline of the car. The video posted by Bhavesh on Twitter has been viewed more than 70 thousand times so far. His post received mixed reactions from netizens. Someone wrote, “Ola Electric is about to bring a renaissance in the world of electric cars in India”. "This is going to be the biggest news ever," wrote another. On the other hand, another said, "First build the scooter properly."

According to the video, Ola's upcoming electric car will be shorter and wider. However, it is believed that this is not a two-door sports car, but a four-door sedan with a large battery electric car. That's why the range can be higher. Incidentally, earlier this month it was reported that Ola is going to build its electric four-wheeler and battery cell factory. That is why they are looking for 1,000 acres of land. Which is almost twice the size of Future factory, the company's electric two-wheeler factory in Tamil Nadu.

The S1 Pro scooter is currently manufactured at Ola's Future Factory. However, they did not reveal anything specific about the upcoming new project. However, it is speculated that Ola will manufacture electric vehicles at the new factory in Tamil Nadu. Currently they sell the S1 Pro e-scooter in the country. The demand for which is not less.

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