Tata Motors aims to sell 50,000 electric cars this fiscal year, relying on their growing popularity

Tata Motors wants to go ahead with the target of selling 50,000 electric cars in the current financial year. They will not fail to meet this target before March 31. 

The Indian company wants to see its double-digit sales of electric vehicles reach 1 lakh units in the next financial year. Tata Motors Chairman N Chandrasekaran announced such a plan at a meeting of shareholders on Monday.

He told the meeting, “The problem of supply chain semiconductor chips around the world is slowly improving. Although the price of surplus has gone up, it is slowly coming down. He hopes that the company's sales will increase further in the 2022-23 financial year.” Tata sold 19,105 battery-powered vehicles in the last fiscal year. Which is 353 percent more than the previous year.

Meanwhile, Tata sold 3,506 electric vehicles last month. In the first quarter of the 2022-23 financial year (April-June), the company sold 9,263 battery-powered vehicles. Tata Motors now dominates the Nixon EV, Tiger EV and Nixon EV Max with the lion's share of the Indian electric vehicle market. Gradually they are getting out of the reach of the rest.

Meanwhile, the Modi government is pushing to reduce the amount of oil imports to control the cost of the treasury and increase the use of electric vehicles to reduce environmental pollution. The center aims to have 30 per cent electric cars by 2030. Which is now 1 percent. On the other hand, 80 percent of electric motorcycles and scooters on the road will be electric. Which is currently 2 percent. Note that the Fame-Two project was launched many years ago to provide financial benefits to buy such cars.

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