WhatsApp: Keep these things in mind to avoid hacking Spend most of your time on WhatsApp

At present WhatsApp is a platform that almost every person uses. There is no shortage of instant messaging users, ranging from the younger generation to the 70-75 year old. 

However, not only WhatsApp is used for messaging or chatting, but also various files like photos, audio etc. are shared on this platform every day. In that case, based on Mr. Newton's third law, it can be said that this widespread use also has a negative effect. WhatsApp is often abused. Many hackers and cyber criminals try to harm the users using this app, on the other hand some people use it to spread misinformation. Without WhatsApp, how can you avoid these problems?

If you're worried about reading so much, I'll tell you! Here are five security tips that will help you stay safe while using WhatsApp.

Keep these things in mind while using WhatsApp

1. Message forwarding: Before forwarding a message on WhatsApp, it is important to check whether it is fake or not. WhatsApp has already created a label for all forwarded messages and set a limit for users to forward messages. So do not fall into the trap of any message on the phone!

2. Fact Checking Message: WhatsApp has ten independent fact checking companies in India that help users identify, review and verify information. This prevents the spread of misinformation on the platform. In this case, users will have the opportunity to text on the IFCN WhatsApp chatbot of The Point Institute to verify a message or information.

3. Two-Step Verification: WhatsApp provides users with two-step verification options so they can keep their accounts secure. A six-digit PIN is required to reset and verify a WhatsApp account using this option.

4. WhatsApp Block and Report: If users receive an unpleasant or annoying message from an account, they can report or block that account / contact.

5. Private chat: Meta-owned platform introduced a feature called 'Disappearing Message' a few months ago, which allows users' selected chats to be automatically deleted after a certain period of time. There is also an option called ‘View Once’ through which if a photo or video is sent, the file will disappear from the chat once the receiver is opened.

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