Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022: Launched at 70% lower price than before

Popular electronics maker Xiaomi has launched a 2022 refreshed version of their Laser Projector 1S model in the Chinese market. This new model offers a remarkable response rate of 40 milliseconds (MS) latency, which is great for gaming applications. 

The affordable Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022 can project images up to 150 inches in an attractive and beautiful way. Let's find out in detail the price and features of this new laser projector Xiaomi from.

Price and Availability of Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022 Price and Availability

In China, the Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S2022 is priced at 5,999 yuan (about Rs. 81,200). However, Xiaomi has unveiled their projector only in the domestic market. However, it is expected that the projector will be available in markets outside China later. However, the company has not yet announced a specific date for it. Significantly, the price of the new Xiaomi projector is about 80 percent lower than the predecessor model launched in 2020.

Specifications of Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022 (Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022 Specifications)

The new Xiaomi projector has a resolution of 1,080 pixels and will also feature Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionality. It offers automatic image enhancement, automatic-focusing as well as multiple operational modes. The projector has a maximum of 2,400 ANSI lumen brightness, which is much higher than its predecessor's 2,000 lumens. Its image size projection is adopted from high throw ratio for image casting. It uses ALPD laser display technology for better picture and better color quality. This new Xiaomi projector uses AI image quality enhancement algorithm which supports 4K and 8K decoding.

In addition, the Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022 provides good enough sound output through its 10-watt dual built-in speakers, which can create a 360-degree virtual sound stage. The device supports Dolby Audio and DTS-HD sound technology. This Xiaomi projector is a smart device that can automatically accept settings for optimized projection. Laser Projector 1S 2022 has multiple scene modes available including gaming mode with 40 milliseconds low latency. For connectivity, the projector will get dual USB (2.0 and 3.0) and HDMI (EARC and 2.1) ports. Users can connect the projector to the Mejia smart home ecosystem through the Mejia app. The Xiaomi Laser Projector 1S 2022 can be controlled via the app or using Xiao AI voice commands.

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