Ambrane Wi-Fi router, will work even in loadshedding, if you buy now, you will get less than a thousand rupees.

The importance of the Internet to the citizens of today's digital age needs no re-telling. With the advancement of technology, the internet has come within everyone's reach. Nowadays, office work or online video streaming, all work requires high-speed net, and that's why almost every home now uses a Wi-Fi router. 

But loadshedding is a danger, as users have to stop all work suddenly due to sudden loss of net connection, which is sometimes extremely problematic as well as quite annoying. However, the popular mobile accessories company Ambrane recently launched a special gadget to ease this problem. Let us know about it in detail.

The launch is the Ambrane PowerVolt Router UPS

Halfway Ambrane has launched a device called PowerVolt 12V UPS for routers. According to the company's claim, the device will keep Wi-Fi or ADSL (ADSL) routers active for five hours after loadshedding; As a result, customers will be able to get non-stop internet service even if there is no electricity. It can be installed completely hassle-free in just 30 seconds. Ambrane Overvolt Router UPS (Ambrane Overvolt Router UPS) has a high-quality 6,000 mAh lithium-ion battery, due to which the device will be able to provide excellent performance for a long time, according to the company.

Features and specifications of the new device

The electronic gadget in question has several chipset protection layers, which keep the device safe from dangerous issues like overcharge, short circuit, temperature resistance. The device is BIS certified. According to the company, this router UPS can only be used with any of the company's devices with a current rating of 2A (2A) at 12V (12 Volts). Moreover, this new product has an LED indicator, thanks to which users can easily understand when it is charging, and when it is being used.

The Power Volt features 12V-2A input and output voltages, and the device makes no noise when active. It has three connecting cables and connectors, so it can be easily used in any compatible router. According to the company, this device takes 1 hour to fully charge. Sachine Raihan, director of Ambrane India, said that this product has been launched keeping in mind the problem of load shedding in different parts of India.

Ambrane PowerVolt Router UPS Price and Availability

For those who know about this great device and are already very excited to bring it home, let us tell them that the Ambrane PowerVolt Router UPS can be purchased from the popular e-commerce site Flipkart. Additionally, the company is also offering a 6-month warranty on it. Again, replacement facility within 7 days is also available. Although it was originally priced at Rs 1,299, customers currently have to spend just Rs 999 to buy this device from Flipkart.


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