Robotic Leg: What Strange walking snake! This discovery of the engineer surprised everyone

Snake! Hearing the name, most of the people were forced to run away saying 'Bakare Bap'. Snakes are one of the most feared reptiles that can be found all over the world. Whether in a dream or in reality, the sight of this amphibian chills the bones of most. In general, this animal crawls with chest mass. 

But if suddenly it appears that the snake has grown four legs, then think about how it will feel! What, seems too incredible? Do you think it is possible again? In that case, I say yes, recently an engineer from Los Angeles has made such an impossible thing possible by making a robotic leg of a snake. Let us know a little more about this sensational event.

Snake walking with robotic legs!

Recently, an engineer and YouTuber named Allen Pan from Los Angeles has made this strange and bizarre incident. In general, almost no one would think of snake walking. But how did this strange idea come to Allen's head? In fact, the person claims to be a snake lover. According to him, he had been researching how to make snakes walk for a long time. He wanted to do something to help the snake, which would shock the whole world. And finally, after long hard work he was able to do that job successfully by making a robotic leg.

The video of this shocking incident has gone viral on YouTube

Allen, shared his story of this strange discovery through a video on YouTube, and it went viral soon after it was shared. Allen built the robot using a long transparent tube and four plastic legs attached to a control board. And in the video shared on YouTube, it is seen that a snake sitting inside this transparent tube is driving the four-legged robot. In fact, the body of the robot is designed in such a way that a snake can easily enter the tube and move the robot around on its four legs. Naturally, netizens were stunned to see this unprecedented factory and many praised his engineering.

Where did this extraordinary idea of ​​making robots come from?

Allen said that he was inspired to create such a robot after seeing the western three-toed skink. Note that the animal's scientific name is Chalcids striatus and it is a species of chameleon with four short legs. In this case, it is said that 150 years ago, snakes also had legs. Then they also used to roam around the world on four legs like chameleons. But then their legs disappeared thanks to evolution. But this time, so that they can walk again like before, Allen made a robotic leg and arranged a snake walk.

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