Xiaomi Mi Band 6 gold-wrapped watch launched, know the price

Whenever we think of any cheap smart device, Xiaomi brand name comes last in our mind. Because the company markets devices that do the job well but come in a budget range and with a minimalistic design. But this time the Chinese company has brought new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with gold frame and buckle to surprise their customers. 

However, this gold-plated smart band won't be available as cheaply as the company's other products. The interested buyer has to spend a suitable price for this. Let's have a look at the price and specifications of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 smart band with a fancy design.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Band Price and Availability

The gold-plated model of the new Xiaomi Smart Band 6 comes in different price ranges. The most expensive model is now available at an offer price of $375 (roughly Rs. 29,700). The original price of which has been set at 440 dollars (about 34,845 rupees). Although the price is quite high. Because the normal Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is available in India for just Rs 2999.

Talking about the availability, the new gold frame smart band is available for purchase through the You Pin website in the domestic market. But no buyer outside of China can buy this gold studded band. Because so far, the company has limited its sales only to the Chinese market.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Smart Band

The gold model of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has come to the market in a joint venture with the Chinese mining company 'China Gold' and the China Academy of Arts. It has diamond studded gold frame and band.

On the other hand, the gold-wrapped smart band frame comes in different designs. These include eight-sided powerful flying pig gold cell set, flying tiger gold diamond buckle and flying pig dream foot gold buckle etc. Let us know here that the pig is a symbol of good luck to the Chinese.

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