Apple gave a big shock to China! iPhone will no longer use chipsets from Chinese companies

Named among the top countries in the world in terms of technology and business development, but recent times are not going well for him! You are right, we are talking about China. India's neighboring country's prosperity is the talk of the town, 

but it is China that has been stumbling repeatedly in the lean years. India, US – Both major markets have repeatedly faced restrictions on Chinese firms. Again, natural disasters like Corona have plagued the country. In this case, the tech giant Apple Inc. seems to have given a big blow to China. In fact, the premium device maker recently announced that it will no longer use Chinese chipsets in its products.

China played America's butt again

The US has already clamped down on Chinese tech companies to control exports. However, Nikkei reports that Apple will no longer use memory chipsets from China's Yangtze Memory Technologies Co or YMTC; But the company had previously planned to use YMTC's NAND flash memory. According to reports, the company initially planned that these chips would be used in iPhones sold in China. About 40 percent of the chipsets were also purchased from YMTC. But last week, the US took tough decisions against Chinese companies.

The US, China's leading chipmaker YMTC and 30 other companies have been included in a list. It is understood that stricter restrictions may be imposed on these companies after 60 days. The report even mentions that the US Department of Commerce is investigating the YMTC (to look into exports and ties with Huawei Technologies).

In this context, Apple has not officially said anything about not using the Chinese chipmaker's product. But if it is true, it will be a big blow for China, no doubt. In that case, India may have some leverage in this scenario, as Apple is rumored to make most of the iPhones in India. Besides, the company has already told its suppliers to manufacture AirPods and Beats headphones in the country.

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