Center-Google conflict is at its peak, after 1338 crore this time 936 crore fine

After about 1,338 crores, this time about 936 crores! Within a week, Google has once again faced a huge fine due to the Centre's crackdown. Competition Commission of India (CCI) or CCI has imposed a fine of around 936 crore rupees on the company for abuse of power through Play Store. 

It may be noted that earlier on Thursday, the Center had fined Google about Tk 1338 crore for allegedly unfairly forcing smartphone manufacturers to keep multiple apps and programs based on the Android operating system. The tech giant faced heavy fines twice in less than a week. In addition to this, CCI also directed Google to refrain from all unfair commercial practices.

CCI fined Google around Rs 936 crore for unethically promoting its own in-app payment system

In reference to the latest fine imposed on Google, CCI has informed that the primary software distribution channel for Android mobile is Google Play Store, thereby the company is able to earn a huge amount of money. According to the Play Store policy, app developers are required to collect the money due to the sale of an app through the Google Play Store or their in-app purchases only through the Google Play Billing System (GPBS). In that case, if app developers don't follow Google's policy, they won't be able to put their apps on the Play Store, and this is where the CCI has objected. According to the Centre, the US tech giant is misusing its position to promote payment apps and in-app payment systems, which should not be the case. App developers must have the ability to use any payment method of their choice, and this is why the tech company was recently fined around Rs 936 crore.

Indian users will suffer greatly due to this CCI penalty, warns Google

Incidentally, CCI has faced a couple of fines but Google is not silent at all, they have already given the center a strong counter-warning. The American tech company has made it clear that the Centre's decision will seriously affect all Indian Android users and all business activities. The company has also indicated that the price of smartphones will increase in the coming days. It is also learned that the global search engine may approach the Center for reconsideration of the fine. In that case, in view of this decision of the Modi government, what steps Google will actually take in the coming days, only time will tell.
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