Reliance Jio's bumper offer, get Rs 1500 cashback

India's leading telecom company Reliance Jio often launches multiple postpaid and prepaid plans in the market of various ranges for users. But this time for the convenience of customers, the company has recently come up with a new offer for their wireless hotspot device JioFi. 

Under this offer, users will get a chance to buy this gadget at less than half price. So, if you are planning to buy such a portable hotspot device for use at home or on the road, then Reliance Jio has brought you a golden opportunity right now. So, without further ado let's get to know the offer in detail.

We all know that with the help of JioFi, the internet can be used simultaneously on multiple devices. So if there is an opportunity to buy such a great gadget at less than half price, then it is golden! And recently Reliance Jio has come up with such a bumper offer for users. The company has announced that customers will be able to get a cashback of Rs 1,500 if they buy this device for Rs 2,800. In other words, customers can buy new JioFi at less than half price.

The company also informed that customers can avail the benefits of this offer from nearby Jio retail stores. In this context, users can easily find all the information about the nearest Jio retail stores from the company's official website or app. Besides, customers can also search on Google to get information about nearby Jio Stores.

Incidentally, since its launch in 2016, JioFi has become widely popular among users. Since 4G VoLTE devices were not widely available in the market at that time, it became widely accepted by users. Although today the picture has changed a lot, people now carry such devices in their hands; But despite this many people still use JioFi to access internet on multiple devices. In that case, it goes without saying that this gadget of Jio is particularly effective in saving customers' pockets; On top of that, if you buy it at half-price, users will be able to save quite a bit more by getting a cashback of 1,500 rupees.

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