The smallest snake in the world is moving around in the hand

Jumbangla Desk: Various types of videos are available on social media. Snake videos are very popular among them. People are afraid of snakes. 

That's why no one can avoid snake videos. Many people are interested in snakes. Because we don't know much about snakes. Recently, a video of the world's smallest snake has gone viral on social media.

The video was uploaded from a YouTube channel of Joy Prehistoric Pets. The video quickly went viral after being uploaded.

The video shows a very small snake crawling on a person's palm. The snake is known to be the California Ring Necked Snake. This snake is found all over the North American continent.

The snake is very shy in nature and is very difficult to spot during the day. This snake is very harmless in nature and has no venom. Usually these snakes are orange-yellow or orange-red in color. This snake is 25-40 cm long. These snakes are rarely seen outside of the Americas and because of their shy nature, scientists still do not know everything about them.

Netizens are very surprised to see this snake. Many people cannot believe that such a small snake can exist. The way the snake was moving around on the man's palm, many people found it very cute. They want to know more about this snake.

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