Where to get 5G SIM and how much will the plan cost? Can 5G be used on 4G phones?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today officially launched the 5G network in India. In the next few years, 5G services will be available across India. Reliance Jio and Airtel have said that 5G services will be rolled out in the country soon. 

This fifth-generation network service will provide fast internet, low latency, as well as reliable connectivity. In such a situation, many must be thinking what to do with 4G SIM card now? Now to throw away the old SIM and accept the 5G SIM? Or where to find 5G SIM? Also, what about old 4G smartphones? What 5G phone to buy instead? If these questions also arise in your mind and you are worried, then get all the answers from this report.

5G launched in India, why ditch 4G SIM now?

The straightforward answer is no. Despite the arrival of 5G, 4G LTE is the backbone of India's telecom infrastructure. Over the next two years, telecom operators like Airtel and Jio will expand their 5G networks as much as possible. Until then, feel free to use the 4G SIM card.

Initially, 5G will not be as reliable and readily available as 4G. 5G is now available in a few cities. So, you will only get 5G speed in some areas. As a result, you will not benefit if you buy a 5G plan.

Where to get 5G SIM card

Airtel said that customers who are using 4G SIM cards will be able to use 5G services without changing the SIM card once the service is launched in their area. So you should not immediately look for a 5G SIM card. Jio has yet to say anything though.

The price of 5G plans will increase slightly

We don't know how much 5G services will cost in India right now. Jio and Airtel have indicated that 5G will be slightly more expensive than 4G services in India, but will be affordable. So 4G will be profitable for most people now.

5G services can be used on 4G phones

Do not command! You won't get a taste of 5G using a 4G phone. Because old phones will not support 5G band. So, you need to buy a new phone. Now 5G phones are available in India from 12 thousand rupees.

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