Baaz Bikes has launched an electric scooter for just Rs 35,000, which can be driven without a license

The availability of electric two-wheelers in the Indian market is increasing day by day. Also the competition between companies to come up with attractive models is evident. Some of them are emphasizing on features or some on the price of the scooter to beat each other. 

Similarly, Baaz Bikes, an Indian electric two-wheeler startup, announced the launch of a 'smart-rugged' electric scooter made with indigenous technology. They also announced the launch of multiple fleet management tools such as swappable batteries and automated battery swapping networks. Needless to say, the Baaz scooter also features swappable battery technology.

Baaz scooters were originally made in this country. It is developed at IIT Delhi. That's why the price is very less compared to current era battery powered scooters. 35,000 only (ex-showroom, Delhi) without battery. Which is possible only for the removable battery. Because 40% or more of the cost of a scooter is the battery.

The company said it is a purpose built electric vehicle. It is suitable for working in delivery field. The scooter can also be rented from the company's rental partner. Anubhav Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Buzz Bikes said, “As a local company leading in sustainable vehicles, our vision is to bring high quality products. and developing better ecosystems for the safety and satisfaction of working people.”

“Our products are designed and built to cater to drivers on the road with special services, such as range concerns, easy charging system and reduced running costs,” adds Sharma. According to Buzz Bikes, initially the service will be launched in Delhi, the capital of the country, but gradually it will be spread throughout the country. In this context, Sharma said, "Expanding our network will allow us to reach a large number of customers."

However, there is no information about the range of Baaz electric scooter. However, a driving license is not required to drive as the maximum speed is 25 km per hour. It has a system to tell the specific reason if the scooter breaks down. It will even prevent any problems with fire or standing water. Anti-vandalism and anti-theft facilities are also available. Other notable features include keyless start, GPS powered real time battery with swappable battery mechanism and vehicle tracking.
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