Before Tata, Mahindra, domestic companies are bringing electric supercar, 500 km range, launch when?

Lately there is a surge in demand for supercars equipped with the latest designs and features. Indian buyers are slowly getting attracted towards super cars than before. 

Several foreign companies' supercars are already available in the domestic market, either petrol or diesel. But when it comes to the electric version, the answer is a straight 'no'. But that lack of Indians is going to be fulfilled this time. That too by a domestic company. Pravaig Dynamics, a Bangalore-based company, is set to become the first Indian manufacturer to launch an electric supercar in November.

Eight-year-old Praveg Dynamics claims its upcoming supercar has already received close to 1,000 confirmed bookings. But the price of the car can be said for sure after the launch. Meanwhile, customers may have to wait a year or more to get the car keys after the launch. Because its waiting period is 12-14 months.

A battery-powered coupe model called the Mk1 was revealed in late 2020. However, the Praveg Dynamics has reshaped the launch model to sport utility vehicle or SUV. In this context, the company's CEO Siddharth Bagri said, "Those who have booked the car in advance will be given a special launch price. These prices will not be the same at launch.” He claims that this SUV will give a range of more than 500 km on a full charge. And its maximum speed will be 200 km per hour. It is also mentioned that it can be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes.

"Our car is booked by film crews, politicians and businessmen," said Bagri. On the other hand Prabhaig said that the price of this car will be within the reach of common people. Because the battery used in it is made in the country's market, it has cost about half of other batteries. International investors are financing the company to bring in new cars.

They are looking for more investors to expand the business in the future. Bagri said that an investment of Tk 400 crore is required in the next four to five years with the aim of producing 10 lakh cars annually by 2027. Currently, their Bangalore factory is said to have an annual production capacity of 2,500 cars.
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