Cosmic Byte Equinox Kronos and Cosmic Byte Neutrino wireless headphones launched in India

Indian gaming accessories manufacturer Cosmic Byte has brought two new gaming headsets for Indian customers. 

These are Cosmic Byte Equinox Kronos and Cosmic Byte Neutrino. Aimed at game lovers, the two new headsets are capable of providing a pleasant audio experience. However, the Kronos headphones are wireless gaming headsets and the Neutrino headphones are wired. Let's take a look at the price, features and specifications of the new Cosmic Byte Equinox Kronos and Cosmic Byte Neutrino headphones.

Cosmic Byte Equinox Kronos and Cosmic Byte Neutrino Headphones Price and Availability

Cosmic Bite Chronos and Cosmic Bite Neutrino headphones are priced at Rs 6,499 and Rs 4,499 respectively in the Indian market. Both the headphones are available on e-commerce site Amazon in addition to the company's own website.

Specifications and features of Cosmic Byte Equinox Kronos and Cosmic Byte Neutrino headphones

The new Cosmic Byte Chronos and Cosmic Byte Neutrino headphones come with an ergonomic design. Both the headphones are made of durable material and perfect for gaming. Its metal armband and aluminum frame can provide comfort to the user for a long time. Moreover, the headphones will support Dolby Atmos technology to provide a pleasant audio experience. Not only this, this technology will help the user to hear the sound of the game from the surroundings. Moreover, both the headphones have soft and high grade memory foam for gamers to enjoy long gaming sessions.

Moreover, the new Kronos headphones use 50mm high fidelity drivers and the headphones are capable of delivering 20ms ultra low latency. Moreover, specific buttons on its earcups will help to control various functions of the headphones like mute, volume, LED light etc. Moreover, this new headphone can be used wirelessly and with wire. It even has a 3.5mm AUX input. With which the cable can be directly connected. Best of all, the Cosmic Byte Equinox Kronos headphones are capable of providing up to 24 hours of battery backup on a single charge.

On the other hand, the Neutrino Gaming Headphone comes with an on/off button, which will help control the LED lights. Moreover, its connectivity options include USB C and 3.5 mm cable. It even comes with a 1.8m long braided cable for user convenience. Not only that, its detachable microphone can be used in two ways. The user can use it during gameplay if he wants, and can also leave this mic open as he likes. Furthermore, the Cosmic Byte Neutrino headphones feature a unidirectional environmental noise cancellation microphone.

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