Electric car The country's cheapest battery-powered car to be launched this month will run 200 km on a single charge

Tata Nano was once the smallest passenger car in India. At that time its price was close to 1 lakh rupees. This time, India's startup PMV Electric (PMV Electric) is going to impress all the countrymen by bringing such a car. It is a high-tech micro electric car. 

Named Eas-E, PMV is going to unveil the car on November 16. It also beats the Nano in terms of cuteness and small size. It is said to be the cheapest electric car in the country.

PMV Eas-E has two seats. PMV has been under construction for several years. It is still in prototype stage. The company will take some more time to start mass production of the car. The main attraction is that the Pooch will be priced around Rs 4 lakh ex-showroom.

Talking about the specifications of the Eas-E, it has a 10 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. Its output is 20 bhp. However, its torque has not been disclosed. The maximum speed of the car is 70 km per hour. Regarding the PMV Eas-E, the company said, it will be offered in three variants. Depending on the model, their range will be between 120 and 200 km.

It is claimed that it will take less than 4 hours to fully charge its battery with a 3kW AC charger. The micro electric car measures 2,915 mm in length, 1,157 mm in width and 1,600 mm in height. Its wheelbase is 2,087 mm. Features present on the PMV Eas-E include a digital instrument cluster, a touchscreen infotainment system, USB charging port, air conditioning, cruise control, rear parking camera etc.

Commenting on the vehicle, Kalpit Patel, Founder, PMV Electric said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of this product. As world class products are manufactured by an Indian company, this is a significant milestone for the company. We will take care of electrification of the country. Introducing a new segment called Personal Mobility Vehicle or PMV. Which is suitable for everyday use.”

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