Electric Motors: 350 km on a single charge is an incredible motorcycle launch

EICMA, also known as the Milan Motorcycle Show, will be held in Milan, Italy from today to November 13. World renowned bike manufacturers will participate in this much sought after event.

During this 6-day event, the world will witness all the new motorbikes. In this way, Urbet, an electric two-wheeler manufacturer born in Marbella, Spain, is about to release its flagship electric bike. Named Lora S.

The company claims that the bike can travel 360 km on a full charge. Which sounds really incredible. The motor used in it can generate maximum power of 24 bhp. Moreover, the bike has an 11.5 kWh battery as its energy storage. The Lora S model is a fusion of neoclassicism and naked design.

They will also launch another battery-powered maxi scooter at the Milan Motor Show. The scooter is named Gran Via. The Marbella-based company currently has business empires in Spain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Portugal. By joining EICMA 2022, Urbet Electric Motor plans to expand beyond its current business map across Europe.

Raizor is currently the cheapest electric two-wheeler model made by the Spanish company, priced at Rs 1.79 lakh in Indian currency. This model is originally marketed as an urban scooter with a flat floor. Besides, the company has another electric scooter named Ego. Moreover, there is another electric two wheeler - Gairo with the same capacity of 125 cc engine in their portfolio. This dual-battery model can run 160 km on a single charge, which is known as the cheapest electric bike in Europe.

Another new electric maxi scooter is on Urbet's launch list. It will have excellent performance and powerful electric motor. An electric motor with a maximum power of 26 bhp will power it. They said that this scooter can run at a maximum speed of 120 km/h. However, nothing has been said about whether it will be launched in India.

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