NASA DART: NASA's incredible breakthrough, the Earth will be saved from the dangerous rocks thrown from the asteroid

NASA has succeeded in trying to save the earth from the cosmic disaster. On Monday, their Double Asteroid Redirection Test or DART spacecraft succeeded in deflecting an asteroid from its orbit. 

NASA believes this breakthrough will deflect asteroids, meteorites or cosmic objects hurtling toward Earth.

Note that 10 months ago, the Dart spacecraft from California was sent into space with an artificial satellite named Lysiacube, the purpose of which was to destroy the asteroid Dimrophos, which was wrapped around the parent asteroid Didymes, which is the size of the great pyramid of Egypt. The dart hit the asteroid Dimrophos at 23,500 kilometers per hour, and the footage was captured by the ground telescope on the Lysiacube artificial satellite, which separated from the dart before hitting Dimrophos.

Video released by NASA shows Dart being knocked out of orbit as it slams into Dimrofos, delaying its orbit by another 10 minutes. Incidentally, earlier, Dimerophos took 11 hours and 55 minutes to circumnavigate Didymes. NASA thinks that, as a result, there was no chance for Dimorfos to hit the Earth.

And after this success they said in the press release that a new era of space science has started with their hands. There is no more danger of asteroids hitting the earth.

Let it be known that many scientists blame the asteroid impact for the extinction of dinosaurs from the earth. Nowadays we frequently hear about various asteroids rushing towards the earth. Although the success of NASA's planetary defense test (Planetary defense test) can be believed to protect us from all these asteroids.
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