New Car in Care Crown, Record Export of 15 Lakh and More Made in India Sub Cars to 95 Countries

A new feather has been added to the crown of Kia, owned by South Korean car company Hyundai. They have touched the milestone of exporting more than 1.5 lakh utility vehicles or UV vehicles within three years of starting business in India. 

According to company sources, the made-in-India Seltos, Sonet and Carens models have been sold in 95 countries since their entry in India in 2019. As of writing the report, the number of car exports has reached 1,50,395 units. The cars are manufactured at Kia's factory in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. This success has naturally created an air of happiness in the interior of Kia's Indian arm.

Seltos has been the biggest contributor to Kia's phenomenal success. 72 percent of the total export is this SUV. The remaining 28 percent was contributed by the Sonet and Carens model pairs combined. From January to July 2022, the company shipped 54,153 units of vehicles to overseas markets. As a result, like 2021, Kia has managed to retain the title of the country's leading utility vehicle exporter.

In this context, Kia India Chief Sales Officer Mayung-Sik Sohan said, “India is a strategically important market within Kia's global market. This country is gradually becoming our strong point of sales, manufacturing and research and development. Our world-class factory at Anantapur is one of the most prominent export hubs. Since the beginning of our operations here, we have focused on providing superior quality products not only within the country, but also abroad.”

Sohn adds, “The popularity of UV is steadily increasing all over the world. And we are excited that our Made-in-India UVs have been able to find a response in the international market.” Incidentally, Kia entered the Indian market in 2019 with the Seltos. Since then they have been exporting cars to Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Mexico and Asia Pacific markets. In August, the company set a record for its highest vehicle exports in a single month (8,174 units) in India.

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