Now Flying Car will be launched: flying taxi is circling in the sky,

The day is not too late, when people will use flying cars to reach their nearest destinations. Now many companies in the world are working hard to bring such vehicles to the commercial market. 

Taking a step forward this time, Chinese company XPeng Inc (XPeng Inc) has shown its flying electric taxi car in the sky for the first time in public. The video of the flight named XPeng X2 has already gone viral in the net world. It was rehearsed in the skies over Dubai. The electric vehicle will fly from one end to the other without causing any pollution to the environment, giving a thumbs up to the city's traffic congestion.

The flight is one of dozens of projects underway around the world. Of which only a few models have been successfully tested with passengers. It should be noted that Xpeng is the largest flying car company in Asia. The car was unveiled at the Gitex Global held in Dubai. As seen in the video, it has seating for two passengers.

The sleek design XPeng X2 has eight propellers. The company says their spacecraft has a top speed of 130 km/h. Since it is characteristically an Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing Vehicle, or eVTOL, it does not require a separate landing area like airplanes or helicopters. Can rise straight up from any place, and can float in a place of zero.

Xpeng hopes that the driverless car will one day be able to transport passengers over crowded roads to carefree destinations. However, the organization now faces several challenges. Such as battery life, air traffic control, security and infrastructure issues. Meanwhile, last May, Indian Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said eVTOL will be introduced in Indian skies. It will come to this country only after the trials in America and Canada are over.

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