Oculus Rift: This game maker is afraid that playing games can mean death if you lose the game

Who does not love to play games in their spare time? Nowadays, a large number of games have appeared in the market keeping in mind this huge demand of the users. Although the majority of gamers are young, older people are also now addicted to various games. 

Many people get addicted to gaming to such extremes that it becomes as harmful as drug addiction. But all in all it can be undoubtedly said that the role of interesting games in bringing some entertainment in people's lives is undoubtedly undeniable. For this, several advanced technologies have appeared in the market, due to which a radical change is constantly happening in the gaming world. But recently such a sensational report has come to light, which everyone will be shocked and horrified to hear. From this report, some surprising and surprising information has emerged about the latest virtual reality or VR headset designed by Oculus Rift creator and designer Palmer Luckey. Reportedly, this is going to be a headset that will help users die in real life if they die in-game while playing the game!

Yes, it may sound a bit unbelievable, but Palmer Lucky claims that such an amazing headset will appear in the market in the coming days. He recently revealed in a blog post that the upcoming VR headset will be quite powerful and half of its construction is already done. In that case Mr. If what Lucky is claiming is actually true, then calling this headset a 'masterpiece' wouldn't be too much of a misnomer. He also said that this amazing device is named NerveGear.

What exactly will NerveGear be like?

According to Palmer, the Nervgear will be similar to a normal headset, which can contain up to three explosive charges. These charges will be attached to the photosensor. These explosives will be activated when the screen flashes red at a certain frequency – this is how the game designers designed the headset. And the intensity of the flash and explosive action will be so intense and painful that if a player dies virtually during the game, Palmer claims he will die instantly in real life.

This headset is coming in the market to provide the feeling of real life in the virtual world

Palmer Lucky also stated in his blog post that he is greatly inspired and fascinated by the idea of ​​connecting real life with virtual avatars these days. This combination of real life with the virtual world has inspired him to discover something new, due to which he plans to bring the discussed headset to the market. According to him, the graphics of the game need to be very good and advanced so that the users can get a real life experience while playing the game using this headset. And keeping these things in mind, the game as well as the headset in question is being designed.

When NerveGear is launched, there will be a breakthrough in the gaming world

To be honest, if Palmer's plan is actually implemented, there is no doubt that it will be a breakthrough in the long history of the gaming world. But Mr. Has he yet done any hands-on testing of what Lucky is claiming? In response, he said that he had not yet dared to use the headset. However, even if there is no experimental result, he is extremely optimistic that the possibility of his plan being implemented is strong. Palmer said that the headset uses technology that allows gamers to experience virtual gaming worlds in real life, so that if someone dies in the game, they are expected to die in real life. However, to avoid this dire consequence, it is also known that there are plans to add an anti-tamper mechanism to the device.

Many feel that such dangerous headsets should be banned by the government

Palmer also said that he is also making proper preparations to ensure that this VR headset is not destroyed in any way after the launch. In other words, once NerveGear enters the market, it cannot be removed from the world. Incidentally, for now this VR headset is in the realm of fantasy; But in reality it has arrived

There are already many questions in the minds of most people about how dangerous the lives of lay gamers will be. Many have claimed that the government should consider banning such dangerous VR headsets. In that case, only time can tell whether this amazing gadget named NerveGear will actually enter the market in the coming days after ending all the speculations.

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