Privacy Tips: Hide the phone in your favorite apps

In the age of digital world and social media, everyone has many apps on their smartphones that store a lot of personal information and chats. 

Even if the phone is locked with a password, many people can easily get your personal data knowing it. To deal with this situation you can hide your personal or important apps (App Hide). But there are many apps in the Google Play Store that claim to hide mobile apps, but these apps themselves can steal your data. We have had such evidence before. This is why smartphone companies are now offering the option to hide apps on the phone itself. Let's learn how to hide apps using the phone's security settings.

How to hide app on phone

Most Android phones these days have an in-built app hiding facility. To hide the app, you first need to go to the phone's settings and tap on the privacy feature option from here.

Now here you will see many options, from this you have to tap on Hide Apps option. After that, you will be asked to set a password. If you do not use a password, a new password must be set.

Then as soon as you enable the Hide Apps option, the list of all existing mobile apps will appear on your smartphone screen. Here select which app you want to hide.


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