Spy Camera: You can keep an eye on someone with a charger, Amazon is giving it cheap

Use mobiles, laptops, earbuds or power banks, emergency lights or any other gadgets - all such products are non-functional except for chargers. 

Each type of charger available in the market has different capacity. But what if a charger could be used to track someone? Although it sounds surprising, it is also possible in this age of modern technology. Everyone knows that purses/wallets, shirt buttons and even pens have spy or hidden cameras; But now many companies have launched special chargers, which have hidden cameras. It is not difficult to get hold of this thing, you can easily own such a charger if you want. How? Let's find out.

At the moment, e-commerce platform Amazon has several chargers with spy cameras, which can be used without being noticed or suspected! And you don't have to spend much to buy them. In that case, we have found one such charger from IFITech in the company's bestseller category, which can charge phones or other electronic products as well as keep an eye on someone.

Buy cheap IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera

This charging adapter from Ifitech, available on Amazon, looks just like any normal charger. However, there is a small hole near the USB port in which a camera is hidden. You don't need to do any settings to use it, just insert a micro SD card into the charger and plug it into the power socket. Note that users can access the video of the memory card inserted in the charger through mobile or computer.

Features of IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera

This spy camera charger has a 1080p (1080p) HD camera with 70 degree viewing angle. It also has a smart motion detection feature. Besides, the camera will record a video of 5 minutes length. It can also be plugged into a power bank to record video if desired. But keep in mind, it doesn't offer Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity.

IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera Price

This gadget can be purchased from Amazon for just Rs 1,500. Its buyers will get one year i.e. 12 months warranty.


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