Tata Motors has passed 200 electric buses

Tata Motors (Tata Motors) got the quote to supply 200 electric buses in Jammu and Kashmir. 

The union territory is trying to reduce environmental pollution by increasing the use of electric vehicles in various eco-sensitive zones. And for that purpose, the administration has taken initiative to reduce the emission of black smoke by including electric buses in public transport.

Tata Motors, one of India's largest passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers, said in a statement that it has won the tender for Janmu Smart City Limited to deliver two hundred battery-powered buses there. The buses will run on Jammu and Srinagar roads. The company will manufacture 150 9 meter Starbus electric buses and 50 12 meter e-buses.

As per the agreement with the authority, Tata Motors will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of each electric bus for the first 12 years. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary Arun Mehta said in this context, residents of Jammu and Srinagar need green mobility options. We are delighted to tie up with Tata Motors in the field of public transport. Electric buses are not only a mode of transportation but will help make Jammu and Kashmir eco-friendly. "

Incidentally, 40 electric buses are already plying in Jammu and Kashmir. On the other hand, Tata Motors has delivered more than seven hundred electric buses in different cities across the country. Besides, Tata has recently won orders from Convergence Energy Services Limited, a central government entity, to supply 1,500, 1,180, and 921 e-buses to Delhi, West Bengal, and Bengaluru, respectively.


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