This technology is the first time in electric bikes! Launched on November 21 after four years of research, check out the features

Ahmedabad-based technology startup Matter is about to launch its first electric bike. They will officially unveil the bike on November 21st. The company claims it will make its debut as a battery-powered sports bike. In this context, it will come with a battery pack with India's first liquid cooling system.

According to the laws of physics, if a motor or engine is running for a long time, a considerable amount of heat is generated. This applies to any type of car or two-wheeler. A cooling system is required to control the heat generated in the engine during long journeys. Generally, low-cost air cooling systems are used, but relatively advanced cooling technologies are oil cooling and liquid cooling. However, liquid cooling is the most modern and high capacity of the two.

Till now, while petrol-powered motorcycles and scooters in India have had liquid-cooled technology, battery-powered two-wheelers have never seen it. Now that rule is going to be broken. Courtesy of Matter A new horizon is unfolding in the world of electric bikes in this country. Due to the use of liquid cooling technology, they claim that the possibility of the battery bursting and catching fire due to excess heat generation will be forever freed.

However, no information regarding the design, battery capacity or battery range of this bike has been released so far. According to the manufacturer's claim, the battery pack used in this bike has been tested for a long time and they have confirmed its safety and effectiveness. This is the first battery pack with liquid cooling technology made by any manufacturer in the country. For four years, they worked on the e-bike's drivetrain, electronics, battery system, charger, and connected system.

Incidentally, it is reported that the first batch of models of the company's upcoming new electric bike will be assembled at their Ahmedabad plant. The factory, spread over 2 lakh square feet of land, currently has the capacity to manufacture 60,000 units of bikes per annum. However, they have plans to increase this production capacity to 2 lakh units per year in the future. 1000 people will be recruited directly and indirectly in this organization within the next few months.

Matter is counting on Experience Centers and Dealerships to expand into the country's commercial space in the future. Their dealership network will be created in four phases. First they will spread in tier one cities of the country and later in the entire country. Speaking about the launch of this new bike, Mahal Lalbhai, founder of Matter Group said, “We feel that our company has created something new for the riders and we are very happy to see this fully indigenous bike doing its job.”

On the other hand, the company's assistant founder Arun Pratap Singh said, "The EV industry is still in its infancy. We are trying to survive in this world for a long time by investing through Omni Channel and creating a place of trust among customers. With the help of our network-centric partners, we look forward to leveraging their experience to meet the needs of our customers.”

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