Ultraviolet F77: Launch of the fastest and most powerful electric bike in the country

Ultraviolette F77 will be launched soon as India's fastest electric sports bike. It was announced last month that 25th November would be fixed as the lunar month. A few weeks ago, 

Ultraviolette brought forward various information about the electric bike. It has already managed to attract the attention of buyers due to its design and sophisticated features.

Ultraviolet Automotive, which owns TVS Motor, claims to have been building the F77 for the past five years. Currently, the bike is being booked for Tk 10,000. The company said it will be launched in three variants – Laser, Airstrike and Shadow. Which can be seen with different specifications and performance variations.

The F77 is based on a lightweight frame that promises high speed and easy handling. Ultraviolet says the final model is 30 percent lighter than the prototype. Due to which it will maintain more stability and protection of the rider.

In addition to the above updates, the Ultraviolette F77 comes with an updated battery pack. So that aerospace technology and consumer technology will meet in a single package. The battery transmission is designed to provide better performance. It features an updated swingarm. But the most interesting thing is the range of the motorcycle. UltraViolet claims to be able to achieve a range of 307 km from the modular lithium-ion battery pack.

According to the company, the battery pack contains an aluminum casing, which is the largest electric two-wheeler available in the market so far. The Ultraviolette F77 again features passive air cooling and five levels of protection. Meanwhile, the advance booking of the bike from 190 countries of the world has crossed 70,000, the company said. And this number continues to grow.


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