Apple company is bringing i phone 15 Ultra most expensive phone

Tech giant Apple announces their new iPhone series in the second half of every year. The 14th generation iPhone lineup hit the market on time this year. 

And since then, various rumors surrounding the upcoming iPhone 15 series are leaking on the internet. For example, a report on Halfil claims that Apple may launch a premium handset called the iPhone 15 Ultra in September 2023. And to buy it, Indians have to spend 200 dollars more than the selling price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max model, i.e. about 16,500 rupees more. Therefore, if you calculate, it can be seen that the high-end model of the iPhone 15 series can debut at the price of an expensive motorbike. In this case, for which feature will the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra be so expensive compared to its predecessor, let's find out about that reason.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra model may be priced around 1.5 lakhs

Apple device analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) shared another noteworthy piece of information online. He said that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be Apple's first iPhone model with a USB Type-C port. It should be noted that Apple has recently agreed to the European Commission's order to "use the same charging port for all electronic gadgets". So maybe Apple has decided to change the charging port of models including the iPhone 15 series that will be launched next year. It is even speculated that Tim Cook's company is considering using a similar charging port for all its electronic gadgets sold in India.

Apple iPhone 15 Ultra will be so expensive due to any special features?

Since the iPhone 15 Ultra will be a high-end phone, it will already be priced higher than other existing iPhone models. Another reason for the higher selling price could be the presence of a USB Type-C port, which is expected to be a premium feature in next year's iPhones. Incidentally, the USB Type-C port will be able to charge the battery faster than USB 3.2 or Thunderbolt 3 ports. As a result, users will be able to experience the fast charging feature on the device in question.

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