Bunblebee Honda looks like a different bike

Are you aware of the famous Hollywood Transformers (Transformers) series of movies? And the popular character Bumblebee (Bumblebee) must remember! 

Many people remember how the yellow Chevrolet Camaro used to transform into a cute looking robot. An Indian company called RH Customs has modified a whole motorbike following this character.

Already, bike lovers in different parts of the country and abroad modify their favorite bikes in all kinds of strange designs. We have witnessed many such incidents. Now the Honda X4 1300 bike has been added to that list. Honda has caught that bike in a fancy look in imitation of Bumblebee character.

Instead of its headlamps, it gets a full Bumblebee face-shaped headlamp unit with LED lights. The head has two antennae. Even its headlamps are all sourced from America, as it is reasonable and readily available to source motorcycle parts modeled after Hollywood movie characters. The rest of the bike is painted in the same color as the character. So the whole bike is bright with yellow color.

Not only this, its entire chassis has also been modified. It has a small tail section at the back, which looks a lot like a chopper from the rear. The complete bike is about 7 feet in length and is mounted on alloy wheels made of Aluminum 6061. The front of the bike has 21 inch alloy wheels with 130 mm size tires. And at the back there are 18-inch wheels with 300 mm tires.

Its entire body panels are customized by the company's staff. So its fenders, tanks, seatplates, side panels are all made in-house. Also the bike's cam cover is from a 1972 Camaro SS, so it's also imported from the outside. Similarly, tail light and turn indicator are also brought from abroad.

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