Flying Car: Check out this first helicopter to fly on the road and in the sky

2022 turned into 2023. Meanwhile, the ultimate success in the electric flying car market is still elusive.

While several companies around the world have started pilot projects for their flying vehicles, none have yet started flying services with passengers. However, this time, the opening of the A5 spacecraft of the American company ASKA showed a new light of hope in the related field. But this is a prototype model of eVTOL. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2023, or CES, the screen has been removed from the top of the car.

eVTOLs are spacecraft that can land from a standstill to hover. Again able to float in one place in the sky. ASKA A5 is the world's first four-seater flying car. It can travel up to 250 miles (386 km) on a single charge.

“Our unveiling at CES is unprecedented in the world,” said Guy Kapilinsky, co-founder of the company, about Aska A5. What people have dreamed of for decades. One that is able to take off and land from a standstill – a flying car. We are about to make history with Asca, which will define the next 100 years of transportation.”

However, such a Goganjan requires a compact space like a helipad or vertiport to fly in the sky. Culture says it can be charged at home without parking in small spaces. Additionally, it has multiple security features. The large fan in it will help the eco-friendly vehicle to land safely even in emergency situations.

ASKA A5 has two power sources – battery and engine. There are a total of six propellers, one on each fan, ensuring safety standards. It also has a ballistic parachute. The company hopes to bring the flying car to market by 2026.

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