Fake music system spread in the market is a way to recognize fake products

Are you planning to buy a new music system for your car in Halfil? So take proper precautions and keep your eyes open before buying. Because it has recently come to light that a large number of car accessories dealers in India are currently selling fake products. 

As a result, JBL and Infinity's parent company Harman have started taking strict legal action against those involved in the production and sale of fake JBL and Infinity car audio products in this country. But how exactly did this news reach the ears of the organization? Let's find out in detail.

Harman found a large number of fake JBL and Infinity products after raiding three markets in Bengaluru

Harman recently raided three markets in Bengaluru and found out that four car aftermarket dealers were selling fake JBL and Infiniti products. Harman's investigative team teamed up with law enforcement officers to seize more than 500 counterfeit products. Car dealers are reportedly selling fake products using JBL and Infiniti logos. As a result, users will not even notice that they are completely fake products. Naturally Harman plans to punish the criminals accordingly.

Talking about the search for fake products, Vikram Kher, Vice President, Lifestyle for Harman India, said that it is very important for Harman to provide a great user experience to its customers while maintaining its brand value. The company works hand-in-hand with world's best iconic audio product suppliers with utmost dedication to delight the users. So if anyone tries to tarnish the name of the company by unfairly selling fake products, HARMAN will not tolerate it in any way. That's why the organization has promised to arrest and punish those dishonest car accessories dealers in India. Apart from this, Harman has strongly requested the users to always buy the products from authorized dealers.

Car accessories should always be purchased from an authorized dealer

It may be noted that Harman had earlier conducted a similar campaign in 2022 to catch counterfeit product sellers. At that time the organization was joined by law enforcement authorities. The raid led to the seizure of a large number of fake JBL and Infinity products from several car accessories shops in Delhi. So Harman told all the buyers that users must keep their eyes open to avoid buying fake products. Also, customers should keep a close eye on the logo, packaging, color of the product and whether the item is being purchased from an authorized dealer or not. Moreover, buyers can check their Authorized Retailer or Dealer Certificate if necessary to identify authorized sellers.

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