Tata Nano and Mahindra Thar collided and overturned

Tata Motors is one of the Indian car manufacturers whose cars have been proven to be the safest in India as well as internationally. 

We have witnessed the solid build quality of Tata cars in various accidents at various times. They surprised the people of India by launching Nano, the cheapest car in the country. However, seeing the appearance of this car, many did not stop making fun of it. On the other hand, another Indian company that holds a place of pride for many Indians - Mahindra's Thar (Thar). This SUV has a rough and tough look to run on high and low mountain roads. Play with the shock of such a magnificent car or a little Tata Nano!

Yes you read that right. Recently in a car accident in Chhatrisgarh this surprising incident has come to the fore. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the Mahindra Thor suddenly went from the small road to the big road, and the Tata Nano driver, who was coming at a high speed on that road, was unable to stop the accident. Tata Nano hits right next to Mahindra Thor. And in that, this large SUV completely overturned.

If judged from a practical point of view, it is like an elephant's roaring at the shock of ants. There is certainly a scientific reason behind such a fate of the mammoth Mahindra Thor being beaten by a small-looking car like the Tata Nano. At its core is the center of gravity. An extra center of gravity works in SUVs like the Mahindra Thor. In this incident the Tata Nano hit the Thor hard from one side causing it to completely overturn due to its high center of gravity.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident. Meanwhile, Mahindra also has a reputation as a safe car maker. Even though the entire vehicle overturned, all of Thor's lumbar pillars remained intact. However, the front of the Tata Nano has a deep dent. However, despite such a terrible shock, the amount of damage is negligible.

It should be noted in this context that Tata Nano's engine is located at the rear of the car. As a result, the front part is damaged but the main engine is intact. The video of the accident between the two cars has gone viral in the net world. Many people expressed their own opinions on this post. Many have even expressed sympathy for Mahindra Thor by quoting dialogues from various movies and web series.

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